Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves





  • Clan-folder now available. See 'help clancost'


  • Following mobs can drop a manual again: Highpriest of Anaximandros, Anaxiking, Ipanta
  • Bug at auction fixed



  • 'dark prayer' manual wont drop for whitties anymore
  • 'high prayer' manual wont drop for darkies anymore


  • Handling of touch spells at mobs changed. Mobs need a free hand now too


  • New zone: Warzone
  • Fixed mobs in alchemist tower


  • Gem cost from animal summon two removed
  • Duration of charm is now less random
  • Command 'charmies' now shows a duration
  • Fixed the re-charm bug where charm ended much too early


  • Escape at overland/underdark fixed


  • Fixed a bug at fleebolting



  • Multiplaying is allowed again with the following restrictions:
  • Only 1 multiplayer / group allowed
  • When a mob dies and more than 1 multiplayer participated, following items wont drop: artifacts, manuals, scales, gems


  • Druids are able to float/fly thier charmies again


  • Fixed gauntlets of ogrepower
  • Fixed not be able to pray after reconnect at hall
  • Fixed a bug with equipment after DT



  • Humpphrey of the famous Caravan fullfilled his lifelong dream of opening a shop and selling seldom and sometimes unique goods. Make sure to visit him!
  • Exp loss at death reduced to 10000 for some weeks. Lots of changes to adjust too


  • Several bug fixes



  • Displayed name at achievement-list can now be changed. See 'help achievements'
  • If an barbarian of the same side is unable to calm down on you, and he kills you, the PK-wait-time wont be activated


  • Escape fixed with door rooms
  • Fixed selling items at a shop
  • Purify wont remove 'invis to animals' anymore
  • Fire dmg at trolls fixed



  • New effect-system: All features which give an effect to the player are now buffs(positiv) and debuff(negative). Core-buffs are effects which arent from the player but from the system. Example: 'sense life' for elder halflings See 'help debuffs', 'help buffs'
  • All spells reworked to fit the new effect-system
  • All features (spells, abilities, skill) adjusted and fixed
  • Its now possible to cancel buffs. Example: cancel 'float'
  • With some exceptions, nearly all buffs are now refreshable
  • At attributes, you see now an time indicator how long an effect holds. see 'help duration'
  • Stat-system reworked. See 'help stats'
  • Repop-Master reworked. No more unintended mob duplication. Special repops like Ogremoch now work
  • Overland gets cleaned now every hour like every other room
  • Equipment reworked. Quality of random equipment now much lower. 30+ gear will be more rare.
  • Because of equipment-change, all gear (from players+vaults) will be deleted
  • Manual master adapted. All manuals got new locations. Manuals will only clone when mob is slayed/ chest is opened. Manuals which doesnt fit your faction wont clone. For example a darkie cant get 'dispel evil' spellbook anymore.
  • Scales at dragons lowered. Quality of dragon gear increased
  • The fp calculation regarding fly/float/fleetfeet reworked
  • Color configuration reworked. Its now possbile to define different colors for various settings
  • Its now possible to save the color-configuration to your account and load it with any char
  • Players are able to choose a different color for unique artifacts
  • Gems no longer calculated into weight
  • Poison system reworked
  • Poison mentalis now drains spellpoints infight too
  • Vials now correctly tansform to empty flask when used up
  • Damlog reworked. Damlog now shows the amount of the last hit/ability/spell/cure. It also shows the damage received (hit/ability/spell). See 'help damlog'
  • Bloodloss is no longer tick-dependant. After exactly 90 sek you die on bloodloss if no further damage
  • There is now a message when someone finishes drinking a potion
  • New help for feature levels: 'help feature_level'
  • Faction switch time increased to 3 hour
  • Hidden is now shown at prompt
  • When players move too fast its now shown at prompt too
  • Tells from shops no longer in commlog
  • All first rooms from a darkpath are dark now
  • Exps for groups with more than 4 members lowered
  • Ghosts/Undeads/Skeletons cant die on bloodloss anymore
  • Several certificates added
  • Fp of elders reduced
  • Wait time after PK-death increased from 3 min to 10 min. You cant login any char in those 10 min
  • 'help savings' updated
  • Sun penalty for darkies at offense/dodge/parry/tumbling reduced
  • Max item count for players increased to 50 from 35
  • Following items wont count to the max-item-count: bread, waterskin, iron ration, managem
  • You wont follow someone in a DT anymore
  • Casting a spell or doing a ability gives noquit-flag
  • Maximum warpoints gained per kill reduced to 25 from 50
  • The loser of an pk now looses less wrp than the winner gains
  • The overland rooms get cleaned up now like every other room
  • Its possible to disbadn/ungroup with noquit again.
  • New flag: 'pk noquit'. You get it in a pk-fight. Its not possible to disband/ ungroup with 'pk noquit' active.
  • Consider reworked. Consider now also takes attributes like stats, offence, abs, dodge parry into consideration. It should be more accurate now
  • With high int you have a chance to see the concentrations of others when you enter a room
  • Commands 'time' and 'commmlog' now correctly work while sleeping
  • 'get all from corpse of man', 'get all from corpse 2' working again. See 'help syntax'
  • Command 'who' wont show enemies anymore.
  • The half-sister to Scorp in aleria now gives informations about enemies
  • Incognito removed
  • There is now a fraction-message when a player enters the game
  • Its possible to reset your stats. See 'help stats'
  • Achievements introduced. See 'help achievements'


  • Hitpoint-rolls removed. There are now fix hitpoints. See 'help hitpoints'
  • Spellpoints of mage/shadowmage/cleric/druid increased
  • You wont see features you have learned at max at prac-masters anymore
  • Spells you cant learn are not shown at prac-masters anymore
  • Trolls wont see any spells at prac-masters anymore
  • Trolls cant prac any spells anymore
  • When you type prac not at prac-master, you see features maxed out in green
  • Equipment view reworked. Set-Boni now visible there
  • Pktrophies got reworked


  • New messages added when an attack starts
  • Strength damage bonus now counts from 16 upwards. (not 14 anymore)
  • Dodge/Parry malus with more attackers reduced
  • Attackers who dont stand cant encircle anymore
  • Breath damage is now divided between breath and elemental-damage. You can save half of the damage with breath-savings, and the other half with the elemental-savings


  • Group boni of battle-tactics, phallanx and distraction-tactics are now correctly applied
  • Group view shows missing members now for every member. Not from leader view anymore


  • Potion 'stonskin' changed to potion 'invulnerability'
  • Clan-chest now available. See 'help clancost'
  • New clan: Ivory Guardians
  • Its now possible to steal 1 book / day from an enemy clan-shelf
  • New clan-item: clan-chest
  • Clan-druid will now require 1 gem to cast giant growth


  • Chance for a gem at Kaworajeskcu increased
  • Chance for a gem at Malthos increased
  • Abyss dragon can now have a gem
  • Helch aged
  • Spellpoints of mystic mobs increased
  • Mystic mobs dont assist players anymore
  • Mobs got a slighter better KI
  • Higher mobs no longer ignore low spells
  • Special mobs now repop together. For example abyss lich with her knights
  • Haan moved from malathar to deep forest


  • Levels of mobs in outlaw increased
  • Reworked how to aquire a bronze seal-ring at drow-town. There is no limited number now
  • Zone repops now vary. Zones with repop times from 30min - 60min get up to 5 min subtracted. Zones with repop times over 1 hour get up to 10 min subtracted.
  • New zone: sunless citadel


  • 'pouch of black dust' now works correctly when casted over an exit
  • 'ring of mystra' is now 'ring of endless flow'
  • The 'amulet of dragon warding' now has a 100% drop-chance
  • Refill of zapable items reworked. Refill is rent independent now
  • pouch of white dust & pouch of black dust have now their correct artifact color
  • Artifacts can only spawn when their crumble-time is reached. Regardless if sacced.
  • New help 'help artifacts'
  • Amulet of dragon warding breath immunity reduced to 80% from 100%
  • A color can now be choosen for manuals
  • 'purple sash' now only reflects damage spells
  • Gear which gives the buff 'fly' or 'float' now correctly handled at mount/dismount
  • dragon gear reworked. Deep dragon is now dodge
  • Dwarven and elven gear adjusted
  • New special-gear: embroidered
  • Item-Sets reworked. Following gear has a set-boni: dragon-gear, elven, dwarven and embroidered
  • Enchant-Pool reworked. Its now possible to entchant to 40+
  • Its now possible to resize dragon gear at the blacksmith
  • Several new artifacts added
  • Featurebooks cant be rented anymore


  • Fixed the duration and saving-kind of the special-attack 'str drain'
  • 'faerie fog' now has 2* concentration but all group-members are excluded
  • spell-uttering is veiled again. 'forcebolt' -> 'luxikhurz'
  • 'manaflare' now restores 20% of max mana instead of 100 spellpoints
  • Cold spells will do more damage at winter
  • Lightning spells will do more damage at a storm
  • 'healing circle' moved from cleric to druid
  • Items, cost and speed changed at 'minor creation'
  • Savings amount of protection spells lowered
  • Spell descriptions now shows if an spell can be auto learned
  • Cure spells no longer cure targets which are bleeding
  • 'summon insects' now aborts current spell casting
  • 'deafness' now reduces offense/dodge/parray/tumbling like blindness
  • Duration from 'eternal darkness', 'high prayer' and 'dark prayer' changed from 1min/gem to 6 min/gem
  • Spell 'identify' is now general
  • Spell 'strength' and 'giant growth' changed regarding strength increase
  • New spell: 'purify'
  • New spell: 'protection from breath'
  • New spell: 'mass protection from breath'
  • New spell: 'holy enlightenment'
  • New spell: 'dark enlightenment'


  • Circle no longer adds the thief to the attacker-list of the victim
  • New ability: 'meditate'
  • New ability: 'taunt'
  • New ability: 'zeal'


  • Advanced-berzerk hit against magic-to-hit enemies fixed
  • Fixed a bug at the damage calculation of rampage
  • Fixed a bug at berzerk when unable to calm down
  • Some abilities can be used now while berzerking. See 'help berzerk'
  • New skill: 'magic-annihilation'
  • New skill: 'bushcrafting'
  • New ability: 'vigor-shout'
  • New ability: 'intimidating-shout'
  • New ability: 'anger-shout'
  • New ability: 'innerbeast'
  • New ability: 'groundstomp'


  • New ability: 'interrupt'
  • New ability: 'fall-of-the-mighty'
  • New ability: 'dragonward'


  • Paladins remort-special reworked. See 'help power of light'
  • Charge has speed 2 now instead of 3 and can be done infight
  • New spell: 'strength of one'
  • New spell: 'aura of protection'
  • New spell: 'aura of kings'
  • New spell: 'retribution'
  • New spell: 'divine fellowship'
  • New skill: 'stay-together'


  • You cant use 'town portal' with noquit anymore. Destinations of town portal changed to 1 room bevor guards.
  • 'cause light' damage increased
  • 'cause serious' costs reduced from 30 to 20
  • 'sticks to snakes' costs reduced from 30 to 20
  • 'flamestrike' damage increased, costs reduced from 30 to 20
  • 'blade barrier' costs reduced from 60 to 50
  • 'harm' speed reduced from 2 to 1, costs reduced from 45 to 40
  • 'sunray' speed reduced from 2 to 1, costs reduced from 50 to 40
  • damage of 'dispel good/evil' reworked
  • 'holy word' / 'unholy word' is now correctly savable. Damage increased
  • 'sanctuary' max-prot-level is 20 now
  • New spell: 'selfless shield'
  • New spell: 'fortitude'
  • New spell: 'prayer of fortitude'


  • 'healing circle' from both fractions now possible in 1 room. It creates an token on the ground to show the effect.
  • 'call lightning' damage increased
  • 'firestorm' costs reduced from 60 to 45
  • 'creeping doom' costs reduced from 70 to 50
  • Druids can raise dead animals again
  • New spell: 'mark of the wild'
  • New spell: 'symbol of the wild'
  • New spell: 'cyclone'
  • New spell: 'wrath'
  • New spell: 'mana circle'


  • Thiefs can only see the inventory of lower mobs
  • Escape now fails if the exit doesnt exist
  • Damage of highkick increased
  • Distraction-tactics lowered from level 66 to 61
  • New ability: 'vanish'
  • New ability: 'massacre'
  • New skill: 'bushcrafting'
  • New ability: 'lacerate'
  • New ability: 'pursue'
  • New ability: 'scout'


  • 'prismatic spray': Poison does now 40 dmg unsaved instead of 120. Was a bug in the code
  • Destinations added to 'worldwalk'. You cant worldwalk with noquit anymore
  • 'invisibility 10' casting time increased from 2 to 5 rounds
  • 'cone of cold' damage increased, costs reduced from 40 to 35
  • 'chainlightning' damage increaed
  • 'blast fireball' costs reduced from 70 to 55
  • spell 'colorspray' removed
  • New spell: 'acid rain'
  • New spell: 'frostbolt'
  • New spell: 'arcane power'
  • New spell: 'arcane brilliance'
  • New spell: 'manashield'
  • New spell: 'managem'
  • New spell: 'disintegrate'


  • 'drain life' costs reduced from 40 to 30
  • 'doomstrike' is now save vs MINDEFFECTIVE
  • Shadow rat now reports even if the smage is invis
  • New spell: 'ironskin'
  • New spell: 'acidshield'
  • New spell: 'managem'
  • New spell: 'infection'
  • New spell: 'spirit wrath'
  • New spell: 'death coil'
  • New spell: 'shadow mantle'
  • New spell: 'shadow shackles'


  • Fixed a bug at regain: too much fp were regained
  • Gear wont be shown at equipment anymore after deathtrap
  • Fixed a bug where hits were shown after enemy died
  • Vault and Account files are now in seperated folders like playerfiles. Hopefully this eliminates the persmission-bug
  • Bash/Bodyslam/Kneesmash only possible on direct opponent anymore
  • Choosen gender at player creation works again
  • Weight calculation after death fixed
  • When a player has no enviroment he will automatically be moved the the startroom
  • Empty hands no longer shown when you look at a player/mob
  • Fixed pray bug with newgodrules
  • 'read sign' at clan-shelf fixed
  • 'read note' at clan-chest fixed
  • Fixed various messages regarding drop
  • Fixed a bug at protect withouth any argument
  • Fixed a bug where encircle still worked at only 1 attacker
  • Fixed a look bug where you could not look at target when someone hidden/invis was in the same room
  • Players get dismounted when they die
  • Mobs no longer aggro when you go to jail
  • Shops no longer hunt you after you died