Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves



AleriaThe city of the evil WyrmLordGondareth10+Patience
FairlaneA small, but peaceful villageGondareth?
Goblin StrongholdA place full of evil goblins
JuarganJuargan, the Dwarven KingdomGondareth1Patience
Mahn-TorMahn-Tor, the Minotaur VillageGondareth?Patience
ThalosThe ruined city of ThalosGondareth?Patience
WarkeepThe Keep of the WarlockWastelands?Patience
Alchemist Tower - the school of wisdomThe great school of the alchemistsHoly Lands20+Purzel
AnaximandrosThe retirement home of many great adventurers
Centaurthe settlement of the centaurs, guarding the twin towerHoly Lands10+Patience
Earth TemplePriest, who worship the earthen godsHoly Lands?Patience
Gnome VillageA small village inhabited by GnomesHoly Lands10+Patience
Haon-DorThe forest of Haon-Dor and its surroundingsHoly Lands10+Patience
Ice CavesAn ancient cave in the northern mountainsHoly Lands15+Patience
KerofkThe city of the Cloud GiantsHoly Lands40+Lamuerte
MalatharThe hometown of the high-elvesHoly Lands1Gandor
Mercenary CampThe fortress of Argon Kyron guarding the Holy LandsHoly Lands15+Michi
New Arralonthe main city of the Holy LandsHoly Lands1Llort
New ThalosThe proud city of New ThalosHoly Lands1Patience
Orshingalthe city of the EnfansHoly Lands40+Patience
PyramidThe Great PyramidHoly Lands?Patience
QuicklingsThe hideout of the QuicklingsHoly Lands?Patience
StarforestA magnificant forest south of New ArralonHoly Lands5+Acheron
Swamp RancidA swamp with sauri in the Uanod deltaHoly Lands25+Gandor
Werith's Wayhouse'Werith's Wayhouse'Holy Lands3+Patience
A settlement deep in the woodsHoly Lands20+Gandor
AbyssThe most chaotic-evil place in the multiverseOuter Planes40+Gandor
Blackstaff TowerThe tower of Khelben Blackstaff between the starsOuter Planes30+Gandor
Gith KeepA stronghold of the evil gith in the AstralOuter Planes25+Patience
MechanusThe lawful neutral plane of MechanusOuter Planes30+Gandor
Nine HellsA place, where many evil creatures lurkOuter Planes40+Feyaria
StarcastleThe castle at the base of Mount CelestiaOuter Planes25+Acheron
Coruscantthe city of the shnirfleblins
Deep Cavernslittle is known about these dark realmsUnderdark25+Haegar
Arras Z'Tarr, town of the Drow ElvesThe large underdark city of the evil Drow ElvesWastelands1Melkor
A small, hidden templeWastelands15-25Eternal
Dorston, City of Duergar DwarfsThe undermountain city of the DuergarsWastelands1Patience
FiretopThe caves in the mountain peek of firetopWastelands?Patience
Ghost TownA town, inhabited by foul undead creaturesWastelands10+Patience
Gnoll CavesCaves, inhabited by goblinsWastelands
Goblin CaveCaves, inhabited by goblinsWastelands5+Melkor
Kuern ForestA dark forest inhabitated by wild animals
Orc CavesA large tunnel system, inhabited by foul OrcsWastelands1Melkor
Hidden TempleThe remains of the hidden temple of AndinturWastelands??
Outlaw CityThe huge underground city of all outlawsWastelands25+Haegar
Troll CaveHome of the TrollsWastelands1Brock
Cult TempleA well hidden templeWastelands15-25Eternal
Deep CavesAn old admantium mine, located under Dorston, City of Duergar DwarfsWastelands10+Patience
Roc ValleyA valley in the southwestern WastelandsWastelands40Abyhsen