Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves


Swamp Rancid

Aeons ago just after the world was created the gods formed their first children the giants. Mighty they were and skilled craftsman. That it was the golden age in the Holy Mission.
But an evil deity who’s name was banished from the world tried to diminish the powers of his brethen and created his own children, mighty reptilian like monsters today called saurus. He ordered his breed to kill the giants and a cruel war was inflamed, which changed the face of the earth. The giants were decimated and driven from their homes and hided in the mountains.
Seeing their children slain, the gods created another race, which was more reptilian like but much more intelligent then the sauri. They were called dragons and with their help, the sauri were driven back into their holes, nearly vanished from the prime material plane.
Only in some dark and jungle or swamp like places some of the sauri managed to survive the wrath of the gods. One of this is the rancid swamp in the Uanod delta, where this giants of
old still grow and reside.