Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves



Key Dates

Year Version Comments and key Wizards
1992 HM1 Holy Mission 1
Holy Mission was born at the University of Linz by Herp the Orc
1995 HM2 Holy Mission 2
The first split off from the original. Hugely revamped under the Leadership of Patience and with almost all Zones newly created for Holy Mission 2. Implementors supporting Patience: Sourcer, Llort, Gandor
~1995 UL Unholy Lands
A split off from Holy Mission 2. Though, the Gameplay feelt the same as in Holy Mission 2. Nathan implemented tons of new and incredible features here.
1997 HM1 Moved to new Server atommuell
~1998 HM2 Holy Mission 2With Haegar Mythos and Mueseli new Implementors joined the Team from Linz. Continously new features have been added (Clans, New Class Shadowmage, Remort System, …)
1996-1997 HM1 Holy Mission 1 – A second ageWhen a lot of people struggled for the control of Holy Mission. With Mangla as Head Arch and Sauron as lib coder. Aprox. between 1997 and 1999. It ended with a clash between two factions of wizards.
1999 HM99 Update from HM2 to HM 99 to fix various balance problems
1999+ HM1 Holy Mission 1 – The third ageTexas as Headarch, Chemosh as lib coder and Cantus (Turbo) as Domainlord.
~1999 HM1 The fourth age. Kiri as Headarch, after the mud was mostly abandoned. A couple of different versions were created, mostly influenced from HM2.
2001 HM3 Holy Mission III
Based on Holy Mission 99, led by Source, Major library changes, focus on ADnD rules, Multiclasses and many more. Implementors from outside of Linz joined the Team (Cykor, Recon, …)
2002 HM99 Holy Mission 99 Resurrected
Reopening of Holy Mission 99 based on players request
2005 HM1 Holy Mission – Remains from the Past
The latest version of the original Holy Mission 1. It’s a back to the roots, with a working copy from 2002, a damaged copy from 1999 and a few zone backups from Holy Mission 99.
2006 HM99R Holy Mission 99 Reloaded
Dido took over to continue the development of the holy mission
2006 WOG War of Gods
Start of new Mud based on Holy Mission codes.
2018 HM99R Ongoing changes by Hesk, Abyshen and Cykor, under guidance from Dido

The Story

Holy Mission was a successful LPC MUD in the early 90s with a player base of several hundred individuals. In this time wizards from all around the world, created more then 5000 monster crowded rooms. A smooth combat system and challenging monsters provided an unique and enjoyable atmosphere barely reached by other muds back then. The fascination for players in holy mission lasted a full decade. Even today holy mission is played but its a rare happening.

In 1993 the library of Holy Mission was a very big and confusing mess. The lib was hard to maintain and every new bit of code raised a whole bunch of bugs occasionally even shutting down the mud itself. In April 1993, patience and a few other left Holy Mission behind and founded Holy Mission 2. This new mud was born with clear standards and a transparent security system and easily solved the lib issues from its forerunner. In addition it was based on a whole new written world and came with countless new and amazing features. The most prominent feature however was the faction based pvp-system between the darkies and the whities.

After a conflict in the newborn Holy Mission 2, between wizards from linz and wizards from vienna, all wizards from the vienna university of science got banished from Holy Mission 2. All what is known about this incident is that Holy Mission 2 got hacked and deleted. Texas from Holy Mission declared to know what really happened, but he never shared his wisdom. Unhappy about the banishment from Holy Mission 2, a backup copy of Holy Mission 2 was made run on a legendary server, Tegerl’s freibier. The running copy of Holy Mission 2 on freibier, became the reason for a small cyberwar that started between students of the linzer Johannes Kepler University and students of the Vienna University of Science. In the end, both sides fire walled their servers from each other.

Around 1995 Unholy Lands was born from the bones of Holy Mission 2. All lib code was either recoded or descended from the old Holy Mission. All rooms and items created by wizards from Vienna. Freibier got removed from the ‘Fachschaft ET’ at an unknown date. Kiri’s server klein.htu.tuwien.ac.at became the new residence of Unholy Lands. Unholy Lands was not able to build up a broad player base like Holy Mission or Holy Mission 2 did. In October 2002 Unholy Lands closed. Prominent features of Unholy Lands were player cities with a npc based economy system, player and npc realms with individual diplomatic states between each other and a realm based pvp-system.

In 1999 Holy Mission 2 got recoded and relaunched under the name Holy Mission 99. But Holy Mission 99 shouldn’t last for long. Already 2 years later Holy Mission 3 was created. Holy Mission 3 related much more on D&D Rules then any other Holy Mission version before. Many players didn’t accept the changes, so that Holy Mission 99 was made to run again, parallel to Holy Mission 3. After a lot of down times and server changes, in 2006 both versions of Holy Mission 2 disappeared and the new pvp mud War of Gods was born.

The original Holy Mission got abandoned by the late administration in 2002. When Cantus placed his good bye message on the adventurers board, Kiri was granted local machine access by Herp and started to take over control over Holy Mission. A few months later, our community was hurt a last time, when the Holy Mission Yahoo Group was deleted by a long forgotten Wizard.

A lot of Holy Mission history is shrouded in legend. If you can tell us something about Holy Mission and its community, then please contact us.



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