Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves


Holy Mission 99

HM 99 is looking back at a long history of development, that started 1992 years ago as some university project. Following the previous version of HM 1 and 2, this is now the final state of the art of high quality mud designing. Combining features of both DIKUmud and LPmud, optimated consequently, and modified from scratch, it offers you the UNIQUE fun of playing you will find anywhere, including an over- and underland map that connects the dozens of castles, cities and other zones, and a lot of other stuff you will have to find out yourself!

Based on gaining experience for some time and learn a lot of unique spells, skills and abilities, you will soon be ready to join the war of dark and white races, take part at one of the player clans, or just discover the huge world, the dark caves and the astral world, Holy Mission offers you.