Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves


Gnome Village

The village of the gnomes is located at the far south of the Holy Lands. The main building in it is the castle, which is protected by the Gnomes. Around the castle are Gnomish dwellings. Also shops and even an inn can be found there.
However, the village is under constant threat of the Hobgoblins. Their mines are near the village and the Hobgoblins come out of the mines time after time to raid the peaceful Gnomes. And the Gnomes had, so far, no possibility to muster an army to sweep back the Hobgoblins into their mines. Also there are unsafe lands south of the village, inhabited by some Trolls and brigands. It is not recommended to travel there without protection.
Reports say, that there is a dungeon under the castle. But so far, the Gnomes keep the entrance locked and tell noone, where the key to the dungeon is. But old tales say, that there must be treasure down under the castle.
Near the village is a graveyard. Foul creatures inhabit the graveyard, luring adventures into the tombs. At the southern side is a chapel. A priest is still on duty there. Some time ago a master thief reported, that there are catacombs under the graveyard. However, it is not easy to access them and there are some powerful undead creatures in the catacombs, protecting terrific treasures.
North of the Gnomish village is a small orchard. A gardener is doing his work there, worrying about the plants and trees. It is very peaceful there and a perfect place to relax.