Alchemist Tower – the school of wisdom

A long time ago, some very wise people gathered and said a school to
teach and find wisdom has to be founded. People always tried to make gold
from cheaper materials, but yet they failed. They were aware, that it was
just a matter of time until the final goal of alchemy was reached. To fasten
that achievement, the wisest scientists went there, experimented, examined
the results and gave further the gained knowledge.
The tower is open for any race, because wisdom can be achieved by anyone,
except trolls. Those have never been seen in there.
Those wise men knew, many people would like to have part of that knowledge
and so they built a really high tower so there was place for any who looked
for the secrets of alchemy. They discussed very long where to put it and
finally made the decision that the best place was in a far eastern region
near the sea where only a few people live.
The beginners were placed in the bottom of the tower and step by step they came
higher. The most wise men are in top of the tower and mortals hardly dare
to get near them, so wise are they.
It is unknown if the final goal of alchemy was reached, maybe you take a look
and find out…..