Arras Z’Tarr, town of the Drow Elves

Being driven below the surface by the high elves the drows wandered for long across the realms of the underdark in search for a place to settle down. Many fell to the hardnesses or cunning creatures of this sinister world and only the strong ones survived. The priestesses, seeing their people in great danger prayed to Lloth for help crowning their rituals with the sacrification of one ofthe strongest soldiers. Lloth accepted the deed and sent one of her servants, a Yochlol. This mighty tanar’ri led the drows into a region of the underdark providing food and water to the needing people. The races might regrew and they started building a town near the temple they built to praise their godness. It is said that this temple still houses the Yochlol, but only priestesses can prove this, as no male is granted entrance there.
Soon after the founding of the new town some families grew stronger than the other ones, especially those which settled near the temple. This ones are known as the noble houses, and the most powerful one is ruling the city in the name of Lloth. Looking like a giantic spider the temple can be found in the north of the district containing the noble houses. The finest of drowish art can be found in this district, as the glittering gate, seperating the noble houses from the common ones to the east, shows.
The heart of the common district is the common square, providing water by a fountain in its middle, and beeing surrounded by the shops and taverns. The common road connects to most of the houses of common drows with a cave to the north, containing the rothes, which are held to feed the population. Wandering south from the common square the schools can be found around the academy square. Further east the drows keep their slaves, which work in their mines. This district is the nearest to the city gate, the only obvious exit of Arras Z’Tarr.
If you plan to explore the surface, take care! The way there is dangerous and infested by nasty creatures. Maybe you should take some friends with you to handle the adventures of the travel.
Also murders inside the city shall be warned. If you plot to slay a citizen the matron mothers will have you hunted down DEAD.