Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves


2018-11-16 – Artifact Patch

  • New command ‘oldinfo’
  • Clan druid can handle full potion names now
  • Deletion of players removed. Live long and prosper 🙂
  • Guard in juargan got bored and will do is duty now closer to the girls in town
  • Regardless of level, all players can shout now
  • For new players, olbrief is off, showtank is on, color is on
  • players now see how many charges of an zappable object are left
  • Artifact-Master completly reworked
    • Artifacts now crumble while rented
    • Artifacts can be handled with alias ‘artifact’. Example: ‘get
    • Artifacts have a color now. Can be changed via ‘color’
    • All artifacts reworked. Every artefact is usefull now.
    • New artifacts added
    • Several artifact-locations updated. Some treasure-chests added,
      some chests changed to treasure-chests.
  • Inventory look changed
  • Equipment look changed
  • Fixed Equipment-Look when mob had 2 or more 2handed-weapons equiped
  • Messages for blast-fireball updated to distinguish it from fireball
  • Message will be displayed when a mob ignores an elemental weapon
  • Hidden exit at Cotk-Gate moved to entrance. On both ends hidden
    exits are findable via room-description now
  • Exp-drains from mobs removed
  • Spell ‘etheralness’ reworked
  • Spelljars (zappable things) can have an refill mechanism now
  • ‘You are bathed in a golden aura’ from NGR removed until further
  • Group-exps changed: see ‘help exp’
  • dodge from green/woven gear increased
  • regchange command will show the current settings
  • spell ‘deafness’ fixed. Its counted in seconds now, not in ticks
  • Anaximandros, Barbarian Camp and Kender got more populated
  • Anaximandros location moved to nw of spiders
  • Alchemist tower got his own ovl-location again
  • Ass-Clan moved to s from wayhouse
  • Enfans moved to previous ass-clan location
  • certificates can now be traded at aleria captain