Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves


2019-01-30 Account System


  • Account-System implemented. See ‘help account’
  • New depression-flag. See ‘help multiplay’
  • GMCP signal is not sent too when you follow someone
  • GMCP EOR now sent at pager
  • Alias for all dragon-gears redefined. Possible now for example: ‘boots’, ‘combat boots’, ‘dragon boots’, ‘scale boots’
  • command ‘pktrophy’ enabled
  • All attributes are now removed at remort
  • Players will see their new roll at remort
  • Its now possible to see the order of multiple items in inventory
    See ‘help inventory’
  • Drop/Get/Put/Give completly rewritten. See ‘help syntax’
    Equip/Remove improved. See ‘help equipment’
  • Junk improved. See ‘help junk’
  • Drop/put now prints the item/s
  • Drop all.coins / deposit all.coins now working
  • Now possible: ‘l all.corpse’
  • Gems in corpses now merged
  • Rentcosts increased and adjusted. Rentcosts are now calculated
    exactly to each minute. Rentcosts of artifacts increased.
  • At login you will see how long you were absent and how much
    you payed for it.
  • ICQ removed from finger-information
  • Commands now working while sleeping: afk, inventory, equip, group
  • Command ‘regshow’ removed
  • Clan-shelf reworked
  • Certificate from undead master renamed to ‘dark grey certificate’
  • Thick brown certificate added


  • New Thalos guards now have infravision
  • Kerfok got a little bit more populated
  • Stonegiants got more populated and geared
  • Zone black_maze moved a little to the northwest
  • Adramil room-descriptions renewed
  • Ghosts in adramil randomized
  • Ghosts in ivory church randomized
  • Shnirfleblin underdark and zones there change to better fit overland
  • Small changes to other underdarks too


  • Size of equipment is now shown at corpse/chest.
  • Sword of solar is now an twohanded-sword
  • Damage of club of milya lowered
  • Damage of hammer of thunderbolts lightly increased
  • Amulet of dragonwarding resetet


  • Gem distribution reworked. Chance for gems to clone at a mob now
    depends on mob level. Gems added to additional mobs.
  • Dropchance of cube of ice slightly increased and age depending
  • Tantrock trained a lot and is now a better fighter
  • Belkar now protects his treasure
  • Grand Mistress and Athena trained together and learned some things
  • Cleric in undead caves has learned some things
  • Cleric in undead caves doesnt block down anymore
  • Undead mage in Adramil larned some things
  • Some special mobs got a fleebolt-protection


  • Calm down after berzerk isnt heartbeat depending anymore


  • dispel good/evil spell-msg now only displayed when spell succeeded


  • Trapwires are now 12 meters long
  • Mix now available for thiefs


  • You cant rent anymore if you have more than max items
  • Vial on the ground now has correct names
  • gnome_ring can be cloned again
  • The msg ‘You snap into visibility !’ only shown once anymore
  • Regchange now only allows values between 15 and 70
  • Fail message at highkick fixed
  • You dont see a G at underdark when target is invis