Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves





  • Trading of certificates fixed.
  • Certificates updated. Needed count now 10. Some only need 5.
  • Independent on player size, trained pegasus can now be riden.
  • There are now several wayhouses called Guiltys Retreat spread over the overland. Travel without heros feast should now be easier. Furthermore trolls can heal their fire-dmg there.
  • Players under DEPRESSION now have wimpy set to 100. See 'help multiplay'.
  • Players who got the debuff DEPRESSION cant assist anymore and wont trigger 'protect'.
  • Exp loss at fleeing removed.
  • Time-DT fixed when you followed someone into it. Gear gets now moved not duplicated.
  • 'view fight' now shows the health-status of everyone who is fighting.
  • Damlog colors changed: Done damage now yellow, received damage now red.
  • New: 'fightlog'. See 'help fightlog'.
  • Help enhanced. See 'help commandguide'.


  • Fixed quests in alchemist tower.
  • Parceval wont finish quests from Fredric anymore.


  • There is now a type case for charms available.
  • Additional clan space has now a fix price of 50.000.
  • Hidden exits are now visible with the 'hidden' command.
  • Shaman now gives better infos about the potions.


  • Fleebolt-protections is turned off.


  • Kuern Forest: climb to Kuern changed from 'climb hill' to 'climb cliff' to fit the room description.
  • Way to duergar town from overland can now be better found. Added description for hidden exit 'enter cave'.
  • Cheat exits in time-dt near blue dragon removed.
  • Exit from time-dt in hydra lair changed from 'run the hell outta here' to 'crawl gap'. Room description got adapted.
  • Entrance to blackstaff tower now better recognizable in the description. Its now 'laeral' instead of 'leral'
  • Laeral Silverhand typo fixed after 25 years.


  • Values of hp/sp/fp charms lowered.
  • Savings charms changed to immunity charms.


  • 'invisibility 10' now only works on livings in the same room.
  • Cap of 4 at the following area-features lifted:
  • massacre
  • divine storm
  • groundstomp
  • whirlwind
  • earthquake
  • holy word
  • unholy word
  • terror
  • All area-features now work the same: For every target above 4, the damage gets reduced.
  • Damage of of holy word/unholy word changed: level 1-20 now get damage instead of being instant killed.
  • 'headbutt' help expanded. Damage of 'headbutt' increased.
  • 'headbutt' now has a correct room message.


  • 'massacre' can now fail.
  • 'shoot' reworked and now available.
  • 'fletcher' reworked.
  • Longbows now in game.
  • Manual 'accuracy' now in game.


  • Unable to calm down now impossible if target is fighting.
  • Damage of 'grab' now shown correctly under ability-damage in damlog.
  • Damage of 'rampage' increased.


  • 'charge' help expanded. Damage of charge increased.
  • Damage of 'verdict' against higher level targets increased.


  • Dodging 'trample' is now correctly calculated (was too easy).
  • 'dragonward' can now block adv-berzerk-hits.


  • Teleport from 'prismatic wall' removed.



  • Token of Parceval: lifted the artifact restriction.
  • Prequest of dragon-mountain-quest fixed. Order of heads now doesnt matter.


  • 'invisibility 10' adjusted: shield check now works. Mounts get invis too.
  • 'prismatic spray' adjusted: no more teleport and fix 3 rays for every size.


  • Exp Quests above level 65 now give 0 exps instead of minus exps.


  • Fixed fear club. There was an error when the fleet-hit triggered another flee.



  • Mounts got infravision and can therefore follow in dark rooms.
  • Mounts will be able to follow you even if other players follow you.



  • First time daily exps lowered and capped at 500.
  • First time daily exps now capped at 10000 per zone.
  • Quests can now be finished even if you outlevel them.
  • Commlog now includes your own communication.
  • Fixed a bug at DT with no gear.
  • Consider will now show if the mob will give you an daily first exp bonus.
  • Zones which are altered by Parceval Stories wont be available for exp-quests.
  • Player who bathed in the multicolored blood now get the ghost-property when they die. They can therefore be raised by 'raise dead' and 'resurrect'.
  • New religion overview: 'help religion_overview'.
  • Dodge now reduces the impact of hits. See 'help dodge'.
  • Its now possible to have alias in alias. See 'help expander'.


  • 'turn undead' doesnt require a religion anymore.
  • Fixed 'identify' when cast on an manual.
  • 'fly' can now be casted while mounted.
  • 'zombiemastery' reworked and now works correctly.
  • The name of the caster at a global entchant will now be obscured.

Parceval Stories:

  • Coins from mobs lowered.
  • Mystics got a little bit stronger.
  • Repop time of mobs now between 35 and 40 min.
  • Mobs wont have encircle anymore.


  • Wargtrainer in Warg Mountains wont fight anymore.


  • Unable to calm down chance at berzerk now fix 0,5%.


  • Max abs of remorted clerics now correctly calculated.


  • pulsating amulet now has a better dodge modifier.


  • Help of healing spells adjusted.
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