Holy Mission


Humans, High-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings



Orcs, Trolls, Duergars, Drow-Elves


Whittie Newbie Guide

This little guide will show you the first steps in Holy Mission. I tried to write it as simple as possible, that also MUD Newcomers have some idea on how to start. You can just start to login by clicking on Play (Opens in new Tab)

First you will be asked for your name, just choose a name, confirm with:


Read some paragraphs about naming regulatios (go down by pressing enter) and confirm with again with


Enter your password twice and press 1 to enter the character selection.
This guide is intended for human (or halfling) warriors, barbarians, or paladins, you can select your gender / guild with

choose female
choose barbarian

And confirm with


Now it is about defining your stats. There is lots of information to be read (press enter several times to scroll down) if you want to choose them by yourself (which will be relevant later for other classes) but for now we will use the following stats

Strength / Dexterity / Constitution: Maximum (18)

Intelligence and Wisdom: 17
Charisma: Default value (10)
This is achieved with:

Str 8
Con 8
Dex 8
Int 7
Wis 7

And confirmed by entering again


I have not the slightest idea why you have to do this, but now just type


once and you are ready to start playing

Start playing

Rooms and moving

The basic movement in Holy Mission is based on directions (north, east, south, west, up, down) so you walk around by simpy pressing the first letter. You start in the Hall of light – for moving down just press


and you will see a standard room.

Common Shrine
   You enter a long and richly furnished chapel. The first thing you notice
is that there isn't a single hallway leading to an altar. There are instead
openings in the walls leading to a small sanctuary containing an altar and
a statue. This shrine is not dedicated to a single god but to all the gods
of the world. People can pray here the divinity they want without being
   Exits: north, east, west, south
Cykor is flying here
A jewel-encrafted bracelet is lying here.
A large bulletin board is mounted on a wall here. [4 notes]

Rooms always consist of a Name, Description, Exits, and Items in the room (Players, Equipment, Other Objects). Proceed to the next room to get some equipment by writing


Here you will find some equipment for Newbies, just take some things.

get club
get buckler
get shirt
get torch

As Whitties can not see in the dark you should get all torches you can find. to repeat the last command (Get torch) just press % several times


And you also have to eat and drink, so also get some bread and a waterskin, as well as a map.

You can always repeat to look at the room by using the “look” or short “l” command. You can also also look at items in the room, or items in your inventory, players, …. Just try it out

l staff
l shirt

To get an idea how the Start Town (It is called New Arralon) is looking like, have a look at the map you just picked up

look map

and you should see

     ,-,                ,==,Castle Gate
     `-|----------------'  '------------------------------------------,
       |  ,-------------,  ,---------------------------------------,  '--,   R
       |  |             |  |                              Watermen '--,  |,, i
       |  |             |  |                    Stables,--------+-----'   ]] v
       |  |   Lathander |  |               ,-------++--' ,---,  ,-----,  |'' e
       |  |     Temple  |  |       ,-------' ,----,  ,---' H |  +H    |  |   r
       |  |     ,-+-----'  `-------' ,-------'    |  |   ,-+-'  |     |  |
       |  | Tav |  ,--+-,  ,---------'            |  |   |  ,---'     |  |   G
  ,,---'  `--+--'  | Tav+  |                      |  `---'  +H        |  |   a
  ||Farmers Gate   |    |  `----------------------'  ,----+-'         |  |   t
  ``---,  ,-----,  |    |  ,----------------------,  |    H     Tempus+  |   e
       |  | Bake+  `-,$$+  +Grocer                |  `-------,  Shrine|  |
       |  +H    `-,  `--'  |                      |Barbar    |        |  |
       |  |   Weap+        +Tav  Warr  Thief      |          |        |  |
       |  +H      | Market `-+----+------+----,   |   Drill  |Barr-   |  |
       |  | Shrine+              Guild Sq.    | TS+   Field  | acks,--'  |
       |  +H      `-+----+-+  +---+------+----'   |  ,-------',-+--' ,---|-,
       |  |         Armors |  | Cleric  Mage   ,--'  `--------' ,----'   `-'
       |  +H          ,----+  +----------------'  ,-------------'
       |  `-----------'  ,-====-------------------'
     ,-|-----------------' Caravan Gate              H  .. House
     `-'                                             TS .. Tymora Shrine

Start Leveling

Before starting to gain experience let’s see your player score with the “score” or short “sc” command


You will see your level, experience needed for the next level, your stats, hit points (your life) spell points (your mana) and fatique points (movement).
If you only want to see hit points / spell points / fatique points you can also use


Now you want to somehow make 10k experience points to come to level 2. The best way is to kill little animals in a newbie zone, where you have to leave the town fom the west gate (farmers gate). The way to farmers gate is


Now continue the way the west until you come to a crossing where you can leave south. Run around and try to find insects, birds, … a typical room should look like:

You are among some apple trees. To the east you see the citywall. 
   Exits: north, south, west 
A large grasshopper is jumping around.

You can look at the grasshopper to see more details, but before trying to kill it you should “consider” if it is realistic to kill it.

consider grasshopper

If this looks good just kill it by


kill grasshopper

Now you get lots of messages, most important are lines like

HP:Fine Enemy:Wounded

This shows that your Hitpoints are fine, but your enemy is not as well, and after some rounds of fighting you should get experience. Just use “sc” again to see how much you still need for level. For regaining your hitpoints you can sleep (command sl) or rest (command rest)

In this newbie zone (it is called orchard) are lots of trees. Some you can see below the exists, but there are several other “hidden exits” so it is worth to check in every room

l tree
climb tree

Just run around a little, and within few minutes you should have a higher level.
As an alternative you can also run around in the City,  where also lots of monsters can be killed. (rats, cats, dogs, beggars, drunken mans)
However don’t kill any human when there is a guard standing next to you, as they will support the poor men you just try to kill.

The Overland

If you ever see something like this:


you reached the overland. You can move on this map with the regular directions (n, e, s, w) .  ON this Map you can see

  • New Arralon (marked with T)
  • The Harbour (which is also a great zone for exping lower levels)
  • Some Water (marked with ~)
  • An Outdoor Path (:)
  • And Plains (.)

Further Leveling


  • Lumberjacks 10+ (North of New Arralon)
  • Quicklings 12+ (Little bit South of New Aarralong, but hidden in the Forst)
  • Darkmoon forest 12+ (West of Star Forest)
  • Star Forest 7+ & 12+ (See above)
  • Merc Camp 15+ (See Map)
  • Malathar 15+ (nobles & librarians, later on guards – Being wanted at the Elf town is not a shame!)
  • Cumbert 20 (On the streat east of New Arralon)
  • Earthtemple 25 (Northeast of New Arralon
  • Undead Cave 30
  • Adramil ~34 (West of Alleria)
  • Stone Giants ~37+ (First zone north of Alleria, but you need to know the hidden entrance)

Don’t forget that you can always find out in which zone you are by typing “who zone”

Also not all zones are directly accessible from overland (e.g.: Undead Cave, Dwarf Village or Stone Giants)

Important commands

Holy Mission is quite versatile, but someties the overview about all the commands is quite hard to achieve … here some important commands and functions (just check help)

attr, acequip, config, regchange, queue, view, remort, warlist

What comes next?

The world of Holy Mission is huge. Most zones are uniquely written for this mud, so there are endless possibilities in thousands of rooms to explore. You can fight challenging PvE Battles to get great artifacts, Epic PvP battles to gain honor and respect in the warlist an in the arena system and all of this is continuously evolving since almost 25 years.

Join the everlasting fight between Whitties and Darkies!